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HardInfo / 0.5.1
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Needs a way to cancel / quit / abort a benchmark test
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January 5, 2011 04:12:34 AM
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January 5, 2011 04:12:34 AM vj777
I tried a CPU benchmark and it immediately runs the benchmark, greying out the window. The only feedback is the name of the test being run in the bottom left corner.

There is no other feedback to the user and no control. The only way to abort the test is through the command line, which a new user may well not know about and which, in any case, is not user friendly.

This is a real problem on a slower computer as you have no idea how long the test will run for and it may be a considerable time. You can also accidentlly invoke a test by clicking on the window if it is covered by another window - if you happen to click on a line that is a test, it will immediately run and cannot be stopped (except as previously noted).

When a test is clicked on, please bring up a window with a "Please wait... test in progress" message and a "Cancel test button".


January 5, 2011 04:24:25 AM Leandro Pereira
Already implemented on GIT snapshot.