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HardInfo / 0.5
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New PDF Report, New Grafical Statistics, New Enhanced info, New Standard/Advanced Mode Switch
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December 30, 2009 08:48:24 PM
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December 30, 2009 08:48:24 PM Guest

I'm Ale from Italy.
It would be nice for me if you could just see more complex representation of the amazing information that the profiler can give.
And example is the ability to see a cake representing Network statistics; it would make easier to understand the trend of the network traffic in a Glance!
Another great thing would be a pdf export ability to share or keep a description of the machine.
It would be nice to have a button to change from detailed info on a device, for example, and the general model, brand and memory.
You know, having to much info not sorted means no information at all...for the common people that don't want to go deep in reading... :-)

I hope i've been helpful!
Happy New Year!


January 2, 2010 10:12:21 PM Leandro Pereira
Among other things, I am thinking in adding some interface similar to KDE's sysinfo:// to HardInfo. Older versions (<= 0.3.7) had a nicer overview screen, that was not ported to the current 0.4/0.5 series. I am still thinking on the best way to do this with the current architecture.

By cake you mean a pie chart? I don't see how it would help see the Network statistics, could you shed more light here?

PDF support might be implemented, since GTK+ printing support is old hat now.